The Dreaded Pregnancy Glucose Test

The dreaded Pregnancy Glucose Test and why I hate it...

For anyone that has never been pregnant, or never had to endure the overnight-fasting grump-fest that is a pregnancy glucose test, it's not very fun.  In fact, I hate it.  It doesn't cause physical pain (aside from the needle pricks), and it's not the kind of test you have to study for, but it still … [Read more...]

Stocking Up For Baby

Hit up Walmart to Stock up for Baby... diapers, detergent, feeding supplies and more!

Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. All thoughts and opinions are my own.   My due date is rapidly approaching and I'm starting to nest up.  I made Chase play nursery tetris with all our furniture to make sure it's going to fit, function, and look great (right after we … [Read more...]

3 Things To Love About The Ninja DUO Blender

Ninja Duo Blender Review from @RedheadBabyMama

It's smoothie season! Each spring, my Pinterest boards and social feeds are awash with pictures and recipes of gorgeous smoothies, stuffed with fruits, protein powders and even the leafy green stuff, if you're into it.  It always made me wish I had a blender... and then wish I had a better blender. … [Read more...]

Knocking It Off When Knocked Up

UGA #Gday15

I really need to knock off.  I am wiped out lately, and it's because I'm still taking on a non-pregnant lady work-load on as I approach my 7 month mark.  My noted lack of ab muscles make getting off the couch a chore and frankly, sitting in a normal chair for more than 10 minutes absolutely throws … [Read more...]