Moving is ROUGH.


Moving is Rough. Moving while pregnant is even rougher.  You may have seen little hints that we needed bigger digs on my Instagram or twitter channels.  I've not mentioned it much because, well, moving has taken a toll on me! We started staging the house in late January, just as the new year hit, … [Read more...]

Our Better Breakfast with Cheerios

Cheerios and Orange Juice - a good breakfast!

Do you eat breakfast? I do. Or at least I do now.  When I was in high school, I only ate breakfast on the first day of school - and that was only because Dad made me my traditional-first-day-of-school scrambled egg. I remember not leaving for Junior year until he came down and did it for me... I was … [Read more...]

Our Baby Gender Reveal Party! It’s a…

Did your child guess the gender of your baby?

Chase and I announced our pregnancy on New Year's Day - it was a super exciting way to start our year, and we both created little media projects to announce our bundle, arriving in July.  Of course, since we couldn't have an ultrasound until late February (around the 20 week mark) we could only … [Read more...]

Dealing with Pregnancy Melasma

Pregnancy Melasma

Thank you my RODAN+FIELDS consultant, Deb Poch for sponsoring today's discussion by giving me a free trial of the REVERSE regimen. When I was a teenager, I was blessed with good skin.  Breakouts were few and far between, and makeup (other than chapstick and mascara) was never a thought in my mind. … [Read more...]

Atlanta Baby and Child Expo 2015

Atlanta Baby Child Expo 2015

It's nearly "baby season" here in the South! Lots of spring and summertime babies are coming due, and I'm in the mix this time!  Our little bun is due in July, and I'm so very excited to be able to experience the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo from a maternity point of view.  I'll still have a few … [Read more...]

The Disney Hangover #DisneyKids


You know that tired feeling you get when you're finally home from a vacation?  That exhaustion that covers you so fully you need a few days to "recover" from your time away? It's a real thing, especially when you come home from Disney.  Alongside the need for a few extra hours of sleep, we are super … [Read more...]