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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Lovely Target Giftcard Giveaway

Hey ya'll!  Who loves Target? *Everyone raises their hands except Grumpy Cat*  Good! Then I have just the thing for you! These lovely ladies and I have pulled together to give one of our lucky readers a whopping $370 shopping trip to my favorite store, Target.  (Or, as Red says, "Go see CIRCLES store, Mama!")

These ladies are full of fun, sass and loads of cuteness, so give them a little visit and find some inspiration for your life!  In the meantime, think of all the awesomeness you can cram into a buggy (or two) at Target with all this cash! Winter booties, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, cute clothes, stuff for the kids, and maybe a little fancy coffee during your spree! Target has everything.  Ev-er-y-thing.  The giveaway runs for a full week, and there are so many ways to enter... good luck!

Your lovely hosts for this giveaway:
Michelle & Channing at Moms Without Answers // Meg at Meg O. on the Go // Lindsey at Redhead Baby Mama // Heather at My Life Well Loved Denise at Gratefully Inspired // Lynzy at Sparkling Footsteps // Jenny at Jenny Collier Blog // Karissa at Karissa & Company Britt at Southern Mama + Child // Julie at The Girl in the Red Shoes // Megan at In This Wonderful Life // Jennifer at Life in the Green House // Kristin at Bon Bon Rose Girls

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What to Pack for a Blog Conference

Headed to a conference? Yay - it's going to be super fun!  It is your first time, or your fiftieth? Either way, you're here because you want to know what to pack (or your brain has forgotten what the heck you're supposed to bring)!  Don't forget to take into consideration the weather at your destination - this will alter your packing list quite a bit.  And, if there are certain theme parties or activities, you'll want to pack properly for those, too!  My packing list is tailored for my favorite conference, Type-A Parent.  Here, you'll find a list of items you might want with you during the sessions, items for your hotel room, and regular clothes lists.  Don't overpack - you'll still want to be able to lift your bag! Happy trails, and I'll see you at the conference!
If you want a printable version of the packing list, just click here!

For the Conference Sessions:
Tote Bag or backpack for during the day
business cards - LOTS… and holders if you're not using your badge!
notebook/pad and pens
portable phone charger
phone cords
Gum or Mints
Snack if you need it
A little bit of cash
Small wallet or clutch for your "purse" that you can toss in the tote

Hotel Room:
Small Roomie Gift, if you do that
Extra Shampoo or Conditioner
Power strip for more plugs
Pillow if you need it
Tiny fan
Extra soft sided duffel bag for swag
laptop/iPad/tablet, etc and charging cords
DSLR camera or anything you want to snap photos with

Clothes and Such:
Clothes for:
Thursday night (VIP session)
Friday DAY
#Disneyside Party: costume/Disneybound, accessories, etc.
Saturday DAY
Come as you Are Party: 90s costume or PJs or whatever!
Sunday DAY
Brand dinner change of clothes?
Undies, socks, bras, etc.
Swim Stuff? Running Stuff?
Flat shoes, maybe a few pairs
Cardigans or layers
Hair styling stuff, hair ties
jewelry: regular wearables, statement pieces
Toiletries and deodorant, toothbrush, razor, etc.
extra shampoo and conditioner.  Small hotel bottles don't share well with lots of roomies!
Makeup, etc.
Medicines: Advil, bandaids, kleenex, etc.

What did I forget? I'll make sure to edit the list and include your suggestions! Make sure to take a peek into my list of important things to bring to a conference, too. There are some nifty things on there you might not have thought of!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Family Activities Week!

This past week was full of activities.  With Granny's passing, Red and I were off to SC to spend lots of time with extended family, and the days at home were filled with other family birthdays, field trips, meetups and dinners out.  And some of it was far away.  Remember that time I told Hubs we didn't have to go to the orchard to have family time and that I was super happy grabbing moments here and there for my memory-scrapbook? Well, other members of his family convinced us to go to the corn maze to celebrate, and it was HOOOOOOOOT.  Thank goodness that Cagle's farm had frozen lemonades to drink right at the exit - these people are smart.  We got two to share and dug around in the corn bins and generally cooled off in the shade.  The maze was super hard, and the 8 year old birthday girl, my niece, decided to lead us on the long route for more challenging fun.  We got so lost that the farm hand had to lead us to the lookout tower so we could get ourselves out!
 Then it was off to the Varsity for lunch, back to Nana and Pop's house for presents, cake and ice cream, and finally to the pool to swim (Red was begging for it all day).  Weekend fun continued at Medieval Times, where we brought a few family and lots of friends with us to help cheer the Red and Yellow Knight. It was Red's second trip, and he loved it just as much as the first.  Word to parents bringing children: If you choose an earlier showtime, and know whether or not your child truly needs their own seat, it's totally a relaxed place for family.   Our first trip we sprung for the $5 flag and keep bringing it back every time... it saves on souvenirs and keeps Red very happy.  We always have a great time! 
 See that grin? Nothing like "Horseys running THERE!" and "My Princess!" to keep him happy for a few hours. He even has started eating some of the fare at Medieval Times Atlanta, which makes this mama of a picky eater very happy.  
What did your family do together the past week or two? Did you travel anywhere? 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Medieval Times Atlanta Fall Specials: Knight Training, Homeschool Day & Fall Discount

Here ye, here ye!  I dropped by Medieval Times Atlanta last week with friends and family and wanted to share the three awesome activities for the fall!  If you have little ones, take your Junior Knights to a 5pm Sunday show and have them train to become a medieval knight!  If you're from the Homeschooling crowd, get ready for a fabulous MTAtlanta program with homeschool day!  And lastly, if you just want to get away with the family AND save money, try the Fall Break Special.  Fall break is right around the corner, so plan your staycation now! Join the Atlanta castle for any show in September and take advantage of our special Fall Break discounts. Adults are $32.95 and kids are $29.95 for every show through the end of September. Use code 3229GC to secure your discounted tickets today!
This Fall Break, bring your kids to train to become knights of the realm at Medieval Times.
Children ages 5 through 12 will enjoy  watching an exclusive weapons demonstration by our knights and the weapons master. They will be invited to follow through the basic battle stances with personal attention from the knights of the realm. They will also learn about the grueling training that it takes to become a knight. Upon completion of their training, your children will be knighted by His Majesty King Carlos in a group knighting ceremony.

This special Knight Training Class is only available prior to the 5:00 PM Sunday shows in September. Training will begin promptly 1 hour prior to the show. Space is limited and training is available on a first-come, first-served basis for the first 100 kids per show. Training is open to both boys and girls. Closed-toe shoes and admission to the show are required to participate.
Unlock the Secret to an Unforgettable Field Trip!  Medieval Times, Atlanta is proud to announce our very first Homeschool Day. Join us for the 11:00 AM matinee show on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.  Enjoy a special matinee show that includes a 30-minute educational presentation, our exciting tournament show, and lunch. We are extending our exclusive group rate to homeschool groups of all sizes. Call (770) 225-0495 or email for more info.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sometimes It Pays... to Pay Someone Else

I like to think I can DIY. I've sanded, painted, installed sinks, plumbed drains, tiled floors, and added a little burlap wreath craft to spruce up my space. But, I know my limits.  I can't fix everything.  And I really am afraid of saws... 14 stitches in 8th grade shop will do that to ya).  I don't have the right equipment for every job, either. That means, sometimes I have to call in the pros.  

For instance, when we had our roof replaced last March, the previous hail damaged, poorly installed roof was giving us some drippy leaks.  The ceiling in my closet was pretty much a hateful yellow spot, and a few lines in the master bedroom were a tell tale sign of a problem.  With a toddler, a full time job or two and a working husband, time was money so we hired the neighborhood handyman.  
Along with lots of other little jobs around the house, he replaced the droopy sheet rock, patched the awful ceiling pattern (that I can't wait to be rid of) and painted the whole closet and bedroom ceiling.  Now, I was under the impression that the ceiling was white. The impression, I tell you.  When I bought the two cans of white paint, I didn't think it would look different.  Like, at all.  And I couldn't have been more wrong.  
When NOT to DIY....
For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this mid-post picture of the official-handyman-observing Doo.  Have paint tarp, will lay and nap.  Fortunately, Handyman Mario was a champ and let Dooley follow him around everywhere.  
English Bulldog gets lazy on the job
Ok, seriously, here's the new color.... WHITE.  The room looks bigger, brighter, and I am oh-so-happy with the results.  I wish I had a side by side photo to show you of the paint difference, but working in a blue room with two different kinds of light was not helping, and I just couldn't get a good image...  I was so enthralled with his perfect paint job, not having to move furniture (and the fact that he got the fence power-washed in the same day) that I hired him on the spot for some other jobs we didn't have the right tools for. 
Sometimes it pays... to pay someone else. When NOT to DIY.
Future jobs I might need help with? Digging a giant hole for a new tree and replacing some sheet rock. I know I've got all the painting and upholstery work covered by myself.  What kinds of jobs do you hire help for?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Three Month Favorites for Baby (Registry List)

This sweet collection for three month old babies is one of my favorites.  While you're most likely using many things from the One Month and Two Month collection, these little additions are a great supplement to your newborn's layette.  

My personal favorite from this grouping of baby registry items is the Stars Baby Ergo carrier.  If Red wasn't already 40 pounds, I'd still be using it.  (I don't even think I could get him on my back right now!) Also curated here are those classic links to connect toys together and make "keys" for baby to play with. Well into Red's third year, we are still using more natural lotions and our "hare" brush, too!  The following are affiliate links. 
Baby Registry List for Three Months Old

1Ergo Baby Carrier 2. Aveeno Baby Comfort Lotion  3. Lamaze Jacques the Peacock 
4. Aveeno Baby Comfort Bath 5. Carter's Bodysuits 6.  Skip Hop Hare Brush Set 7. Lots of Links

1. Ergo Baby Carrier - What a fantastic baby carrier. I started with a baby Bjorn, and it was great,but Red grew too fast and outgrew the dang thing (25lbs limit) when he was 4 months old. This meant that I needed the ERGO, stat.  Available infant inserts allow even the smallest babies to be worn with ease, and all the weight get distributed evenly. Easy peasy.

2. Aveeno Baby Comfort Lotion - If you want your baby to slip into sleep easier than ever, try a little rub down pre-pajama with this lovely stuff.  Smells divine, works like a charm.

3. Lamaze Jacques the Peacock - Jacques was my favorite baby toy - I kept him in the toy box for way too long... The dual color scheme interacts the kids growing retinas, and the multiple rattles, crinkle paper and squeaky entertain infants for hours.  Best little guy ever.

4. Aveeno Baby Comfort Bath - Lavender is the winner here, again.  Use as a shampoo, or a little bubble bath to help lull your baby into the perfect sleep pattern.  

5. Carter's Bodysuits - After the sleep gowns, these Carters onesies are the best baby apparel you can get.  Snap crotches make diaper changes easier, and they won't slip up on your baby's belly, which was one of my pet peeves when holding a wiggly little monkey.  They wash and wear so well that they will continue to look brand new ages after they are outgrown.

6.  Skip Hop Hare Brush Set - Red loves this little guy. Given to me by Leah, a dear family friend, the hare brush (teehee) houses a brush and comb, which are vital to preventing and getting rid of cradle cap. 

7. Lots of Links - Links are multi taskers. The baby carabiners attach toys, link to bags, car seats, buggies and other items in the home. They are colorful easy teethers, perfect toys and champs for baby mamas.  Cheap and plentiful, be sure to buy a brand new pack to avoid older ones being bent out of shape.
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