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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Twine Wrapped Mason Jar

I had extra materials left over from my Burlap and Lace Table runner, so I decided to use my extra mason jars for some fun rustic decor.  
Twine wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
As long as you have a bottle of your choice of Mod Podge and a glue gun, you're set to go. For wrapping, you can use yarn, string, thread, ribbon, or anything else you have that may be wrap-able.  

1. Ground the End of the Wrapper: You'll need to ground the end of the twine with a dot of hot glue. Make sure that it's not interfering with the base of the jar (so it will sit flat on your table).  
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
2.  Begin wrapping the twine as tightly as you like, and globbing a fair amount of Mod Podge on a few rows at a time as your work toward the neck of the jar.  
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
 3. Keep going, wrapping and smooshing the twine downward, and globbing the Mod Podge on.  Don't worry if you feel like you're obscuring the twine, because it will dry clear.
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
 4.  Clip the excess twine when you're finished wrapping, and secure the end with another small dot of hot glue.  Then, cover the entire jar with a liberal coat of Mod Podge.  I wiped it onto the rim of the jar in order to have a slightly matte finish.
5.  Let the jar dry for at least 24 hours.  The twine will retain it's rough finish, and the jar will harden.  Place a tealight or short pillar inside and enjoy the glow! 
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
Create a Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge, by @RedheadBabyMama

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dirt is Divine! 2014 Atlanta Dirty Girl 5k

Did you get down and dirty this past weekend? (But not like that... this is a family, blog, people! ) I did! You may have seen my tips for running a mud race last week, or read about when I got #famous on a local news segment, but my actual Dirty Girl mud run was this past Saturday. 

 I hooked up with Megan, Ashley, Kendra, and Bernetta and had a fabulous, muddy, awesome time. The Dirty Girl run is all about girls supporting each other and having FUN... and getting dirty!  We may look clean as a whistle, but only stayed that way until the first obstacle...
Atlanta Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014
Ashley and I found Kendra in the corrals and Megan brought her waterproof GoPro camera to catch all the muddy fun!  I can't wait to see the clips when she posts them! (Hey Megan... hop to it, already!! J/K)
Atlanta Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014
Since I don't trust my phone not to get mud-logged, I left it at bag check.  I did make sure to snap a before and after of my groooooooss self. Thanks to my girls that did have lifeproof cases for taking some pictures! Take a look at this shot: You can't even tell my socks are hot pink. Ewwww, muddy!  In fact, the mud was so thick that the socks didn't survive and had to be tossed.  The shorts and water shoes, however, made it through for next year's race! 
Atlanta Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014
My favorite take away from the Dirty Girl is the support that each woman gives another. If we get stuck on an obstacle, or our fear of heights suddenly kicks in on top of the cargo nets, we're there to help you through it. That strength and girl power carries over to real life, where my friends and I are there through thick and thin.  My Aunt was recently (and very suddenly) diagnosed with breast cancer, and the support my Mom has shown her is so overwhelming.  I ran this year's dirty girl in honor of my Aunt Shelia.  Prevention and detection is so very important! After all, we are some seriously fierce ladies.  
lovingly borrowed from
And to tell you the truth (not sponsored), I've been sipping on Fruit20 since I was in college, and now they have a sparkling version that the Dirty Girl volunteers handed out at the finish line.  Better than a beer after that workout (I may or may not have had an extra a friend didn't want...)!  Lastly, I leave you with a fabulous before and after shot. It's not any fun if you stay clean!  Have you done a mud run yet? What's your favorite part of an obstacle course?
Atlanta Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WW: Red's First Gut-busting Belly Laugh

So here's quite the throwback: Hubs and I have come across some of our videos from when Red was a baby, 4 months old to be exact.  I remember it so well, and now he's SO BIG. Red had actually let loose a wicked toot, and it was so smelly that it caught Hubs by surprise.  Calling him a "stinky butt" let loose tons of laughs!  

 Cue the baby fever... (if you're reading in an email feed, make sure to click over so you can see the video... we're more fun on the site, anyway! Simply click on the title of the post for a direct link.)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mommy & Me: Big Shanty Festival

Sunday, spur of the moment (and very un-characteristic of our family), we decided to head up to the Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw.  A nearly 80 degree day (where did Spring go, exactly?!) caused hats, sunglasses and a canopied stroller to be drug out, which I suppose is summer's cue to enter.  I hardly took any photos at all because we were having so much fun eating carnival foods, shopping local wares and goods, playing on the grounds and seeing the history downtown Kennesaw has to offer.   
 Ever had funnel cake on a stick? Strike that off the bucket list!  We also had homemade ice cream from a 1917 gas-powered ice cream engine, local rum cocktails, fancy winning BBQ sauce, local honey and some craft beers (well, for Hubs, anyways).  
There were jump houses, balloons galore, bubble machines, dogs, horses, cannons, trains and enough prizes and games to keep Red on his toes for almost 4 hours.  
Eventually, the playground won out over everything else and Red spent all his ice-cream-energy climbing, running, and sliding.  Have you ever been to a local festival? I hope that we get wind of next year's so we can mark it down on the calendar. It was a lot of fun, and a super affordable way to spend a gorgeous Sunday with the family.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Burlap and Lace Table Runner | Giveaway for Your Fabric Source

Burlap and Lace Table Runner by Redhead Baby Mama
I've been sewing in some fashion for as long as I can remember. I was cross stitching when I was 7 years old, and making clothes for my teddy bears with Grandmother when I was 10.  When I finally went to college, the most wonderful woman in the world, Janet, taught me so very much about costume design and how to sew and I've valued that knowledge ever since.  Now, as a professional costume designer, I rarely get to take on crafts for myself because I'm always making something for one show or another, a private design client or other alterations for friends.  But I did manage to get my paws on some excellent quality burlap and lace courtesy of Your Fabric Source and decided to create something springy for my table.  

I picked out a 60" burlap (pre-cut, cause I'm a lazy bones) table runner with a huuuge roll of linen-colored lace.  I thought about simply serging the burlap in a dark thread, but it was too plain for me.  
Instead, I lined up the edge of the lace with the burlap and sewed a #3 zigzag in matching thread down the length of the runner.  I also added a similar length down the other side to match.  
Burlap and Lace Table Runner by Redhead Baby Mama
By the way, if you're working with lace, be sure that it's right side up! The top lace is right side up. You can see the outline of the petals, and the stamens in the middle.  The bottom lace is upside down; those details are lost on the backside. 
Burlap and Lace Table Runner by Redhead Baby Mama
The project took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, and I love it. It's fresher than a nude table, adds some rustic flare with softness from the lace.  I even chose an extra length of burlap for a second table runner or maybe to help with my backdrops and photography.  
Burlap and Lace Table Runner by Redhead Baby Mama
If you want to create your very own spring project, take a look at what Your Fabric Source has to offer. Tons of rustic materials (some ready to go) are available for your wedding decor, house party, or just to spruce up your home.  Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below to win a $50 gift code to Your Fabric Source!
Create a Table Runner from Burlap and Lace
Create a Table Runner from Burlap and Lace

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Red Met Racer Chris Buescher at Walgreens | Giveaway

If you saw my announcement last week, you'll know that Red and I were on our way to visit a local Walgreens in Atlanta and meet Nationwide Racing driver Chris Buescher. Now, I've been to my fair share of racing parties, and even placed a few bragging-rights wagers between friends, but I've never been able to meet a driver in person and ask them a bunch of questions! The moment we walked into Walgreens, I knew exactly who Chris was! A 22 year old, down to earth guy, Chris was so patient with Red, who climbed into his #RaceAroundAmerica chair and started playing with cars. Red even swiped a few high fives and was not shy at all! (He demanded that he wear his saddle oxfords and his jean jacket together... pick your battles, Lindsey). 
After shaking hands, we headed outside to sit in the brand-spanking new Balance Financial Ford Mustang, which has been upgraded (now in round 3) and sweetened by voters in the last few weeks. Click here to help choose the route and upgrade the Mustang! Red "drove" the car and honked the horn while Chris took some time to show us the upgrades and power inside the Roush Mustang. 
Then it was my turn to hop in.  We set the top down, and I was ready to roll (too bad I didn't get to test drive!!)  Chris was really forthcoming about his racing experience. He started with motorcycles at age 6 (so young!!), and the first race his mother ever came to, he wiped out badly and was hurt.  His mom was so upset that the incident almost ended his racing hobby... but as you may know, he became a pro at 16 and has been sweeping the circuit ever since! I'm proud to say that I have met him.

Not only did I get to interview Chris and tour the Mustang, but we were also treated to an on-camera interview and a super fun shopping spree courtesy of Walgreens with Chris' Balance Financial Walgreens card powered by Mastercard.  You can see the interview below; Parker (black dress & gray scarf) interviewing Chris (right hand side) as Red noisily munched on a snack.
Then it was Red and my turn to step in front of the camera with Chris. We "raced" around the store, grabbing a few necessities for the spring season (Wal-itin, Zest Soap, Cheez-its, Coca-Cola) and Chris handpicked a toy race car for Red to have.  It was so nice of him, and the toy car hasn't let Red's hands since!  I'll be sharing the webisode in a blog post to come, so be sure to stop back by and see what else Chris bought!
Since we had such an awesome time with Roush Fenway driver Chris Buescher, Walgreens wants to treat you to some fun, too! Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to with a $25 Walgreens gift card, as well as some hand picked and signed merchandise by Chris Buescher, all courtesy of Walgreens!
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