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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WW: Red and the Whale Sharks

You might remember a few weeks ago, when I shared Red's first visit to the aquarium.  I finally got the video uploaded and it's ready for you. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Savory Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion, & Arugula Pizza with @eMeals

I'm a huge pizza fan in general, but I recently created an eMeals recipe from the clean eating plan that I just about died over.  This white pizza doesn't have sauce on it, but it's laden with cheese, onions and fresh arugula.  Swooooooon.  Yuuuuum.  I did dip it in marinara on the side, and I ate the whole thing over a few days. No sharing for me!  And because I was feeling froggy, shaped my dough into a little heart.  Because I. Heart. Pizza.    And right now, with code MEALS15 you can get 15% off your meal plan.  So get cooking! 
Caramelized Onion, Goat Cheese, & Arugula Pizza
2 T EVOO (divided)
2 large Vidalia onions
2 T balsamic vinegar
1 tube of pizza dough
6 oz crumbled goat cheese
1/4 cup 2% reduced fat milk
5 oz package baby arugula

~Preheat oven to 400 degrees (or the equivalent per crust directions). 
~Heat 1 T oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat; add onions. Cover and cook 5-10 minutes or until onions are softened; uncover and stir in balsamic vinegar. Cook five minutes longer, stirring often, until browned and tender. 
~Roll pizza dough to 1/4 inch thickness on an oiled baking sheet (or pizza stone is how I did mine). If you crust required pre-baking, do so now.
~Combine goat cheese and milk in food processor and spread evenly on pizza dough. Top cheese mixture with onions. 
~Bake pizza, on bottom oven rack, 6-10 minutes or until crust is crisp; drizzle pizza with remaining olive oil and top with arugula. 

eMeals Meal Plans

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

What a weekend! We were doing so much with family, cooking, traveling and hunting eggs that I almost didn't have enough time to collect all my photos together!  Hubs and Red decided to dress alike with seersucker jackets and yellow ties, while I donned a floral dress and some super comfy wedges.  We made sure to enjoy our S'mores peeps and I lit our handcrafted eggshell tealights  for the holiday, too!
 Despite some of the bigger kids running and pushing at the church egg hunt (we went with family), 2 year old Red was able to capture at least 3 eggs with some snacks inside! 
Hunted eggs or none, Red was still super excited and actually smiled for the camera this year! That's a win!!
We're fortunate to live very near our cousins, so we all got together for an egg hunt...
... and I helped Red navigate the beds and prevent Nana Paris' strawberries from being stepped on.  Thanks to cousin B for lending his galoshes in the muddy grass...
Wow! What a collection! How many eggs did you find this year?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dyed Easter Eggshell Tealights

Happy Easter from the Redhead House!
Easter Eggshell Tealights  by Redhead Baby Mama
I dedicate this Easter craft to all those poor souls (like myself) that suffer needlessly through cooking evil hardboiled eggs for dying.  The smell that permeates the house is enough to drive you MAD! Not to mention the foul thought of consuming these evil edibles after the holiday.  NOPE.  Instead, I used the eggshells from our past breakfasts for an easter craft.  Using this method of dyeing with Kool Aid and no smelly vinegar,  I gently steeped each eggshell half in hot water and unsweetened kool aid.  I used grape, orange, and cherry.  Let your eggshells steep for about a minute, and then dry in a carton.  The insides of the shells will be so much  more vibrant than the outers!
Easter Eggshell Tealights  by Redhead Baby Mama
When your shells have dried, they are the perfect size for a tea light! Hooray for manufacturing and nature using the same sizes!  Now, you could take the candle out of the metal container, and essentially light it inside the shell, but since eggshells have been cracked and tip easily, I don't recommend it.  Use a tray like this one for the most sturdy setup.  
Easter Eggshell Tealights  by Redhead Baby Mama
Now you can have your dyed Easter eggs and not suffer the stink of hard boiled eggs.  YAY! Also, you'll save some cash on the dye kits, too! How are you dyeing your Easter eggs this year? (Special thanks to Grandmartha for the super-awesome, vintage Drummer Easter Bunny she gave me last year!)
Easter Eggshell Tealights  by Redhead Baby Mama

Friday, April 18, 2014

S'mores Peeps for Easter

I've been dying to do an Easter craft for weeks. In fact, I bought the supplies for this crafty dessert anytime snack about a week ago, constantly telling myself that I'd get around to making them. So, in the spirit of procrastination and all that goes with having children, I finally made my delicious S'mores peeps. (I know a lot of people make S'more with peeps traditionally, but this way, you don't smash the cuteness and it's a one-bite deal!)  Honestly, I didn't expect them to turn out half as well as they did, and the minute I tasted them, I was SMITTEN. I should have bought enough to fill a bomb shelter.
I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips with a splash of non-fat milk in the microwave, stirring until the consistency was like pudding; nice and smooth. Dipping, my chicks' bases into the chocolate, I then dusted their bottoms with teddy grahams that I pulverized in the food processor. Easy peasy.
S'mores Peeps for Easter by Redhead Baby Mama
 Make sure that you store your finished peeps in an airtight container, or they will harden faster than Anna's icy heart. (Like that #Disneyside reference?!) They stayed nice and soft for as long as they lasted (read: I ate them all in like 2 days... I'm not sure Hubs even got one!)  You can set them in your Easter Basket, and use a basket liner like the one I made last year! What are you making for your Easter dessert?
S'mores Peeps for Easter by Redhead Baby Mama

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Twine Wrapped Mason Jar

I had extra materials left over from my Burlap and Lace Table runner, so I decided to use my extra mason jars for some fun rustic decor.  
Twine wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
As long as you have a bottle of your choice of Mod Podge and a glue gun, you're set to go. For wrapping, you can use yarn, string, thread, ribbon, or anything else you have that may be wrap-able.  

1. Ground the End of the Wrapper: You'll need to ground the end of the twine with a dot of hot glue. Make sure that it's not interfering with the base of the jar (so it will sit flat on your table).  
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
2.  Begin wrapping the twine as tightly as you like, and globbing a fair amount of Mod Podge on a few rows at a time as your work toward the neck of the jar.  
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
 3. Keep going, wrapping and smooshing the twine downward, and globbing the Mod Podge on.  Don't worry if you feel like you're obscuring the twine, because it will dry clear.
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
 4.  Clip the excess twine when you're finished wrapping, and secure the end with another small dot of hot glue.  Then, cover the entire jar with a liberal coat of Mod Podge.  I wiped it onto the rim of the jar in order to have a slightly matte finish.
5.  Let the jar dry for at least 24 hours.  The twine will retain it's rough finish, and the jar will harden.  Place a tealight or short pillar inside and enjoy the glow! 
Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge
Create a Twine Wrapped Mason Jar with Mod Podge, by @RedheadBabyMama
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