The Most Affordable Family SUV: Jeep Patriot

Thanks to Thomson Jeep of GA for sponsoring today’s discussion.  As always, all thoughts are my own. 

Cheap and quality are two of my favorite things when going shopping.  A money savvy Atlanta native, Clark Howard, has made his name in radio (and recently TV) for being extremely cheap and valuing quality.  When Hubs and I were shopping for our very first family car/SUV, we made sure to listen to Clark’s radio show, read the latest reviews in Edmunds and of course, test drive, test drive, test drive.  After what seemed like weeks, we came to our local Jeep dealer, much like Thomson Jeep of GA, and drove the Jeep Patriot.  

Jeep Cheap - Thomson Jeep of GA
It was a breath of affordable, fresh air, and was styled much like the cars of our teenage years (which really appealed to Hubs – he missed his old squared nosed SUV!).  The clincher was the Jeep Patriot is considered one of the most affordable vehicles over it’s lifetime.  Using regular unleaded gas, car-sized tires, a smaller body and American made parts, it promises less expensive, quality repairs over the life of the vehicle.   No brainer, right?!  To make this Jeep even more appropriate for our family, it had a good amount of trunk space, complete fold down seats (which I’ve used to tote loads and loads of costumes, yard supplies and even 100 sq feet of bathroom tile AND a full size toilet) side door pockets, a sunroof and fabulous Sirius radio, ready to go.  It gets about 29 mpg (better than my old Passat), and with a sticker price starting at $16,000 for the sport model, it’s completely attainable! 

We’ve had our Jeep Patriot Latitude for just over 2 years, and would easily buy another one if we were still in the car/SUV market.  Our family has grown (with kitty) and family outings to ice cream or the dog park are still effortless.  If you happen to be in the market for a new family car, and are in the Georgia area, make sure to stop by Thomson Jeep of GA (off I-20, between Atlanta and Augusta).  They have some great specials for Patriots and a fabulous bonus for military shoppers: $500 bonus cash!
Military Discount Cash - Thomson Jeep of GA
Take a look at what else Thomson Jeep may have to offer you – and shop savvy!


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    I am a Jeeper! I have had Jeeps for over 40 years – started with my 1st CJ5 – I still have it! I now drive a Grand Cherokee – 10 years old and rolling to 200K and she still looks and drives like new! I can no imagine life without a Jeep! In fact our whole family are Jeepers! Son, daughter, Mom, brother, and niece!

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    That is soooo cool! I bet he had a blast. It’s one of my favorite games and I’ll be going to see the movie with my hubs, I’ll make sure to look for your hubs name :)

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    We love the Jeep brand and are currently in the market for a new car. My husband recently enlisted in the military – Navy- and I find myself ever more appreciative of businesses who support our military families.

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    I never thought about getting an SUV with a family of 6 so we just went with a minivan. I’m hoping for the kids to leave the nest so we can downgrade and I’ve always loved the Jeep brand.

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