A $720 Haircut… for Charity @StBaldricks

March 13th was St. Baldrick’s Day, an irish-related holiday that the St. Baldrick’s foundation uses to raise money for children’s cancer research and support.  This year, Hubs began raising money and volunteered to shave his head for the cause.  Shooting for a donation total of $200, he quickly surpassed this mark until the night before the event, collecting a total of $720.  Initially, Hubs touted that he would match his donation, and now was the time to put his money where his mouth was….
…and so he donated $720 of our own money to the cause, bringing the total to $1440.  Granted, it was over three times more than we thought he would raise, so even though the money went to a great cause, it still hit the wallet hard.  Good thing we save so well and work so hard!  Thank you so much to all our family, friends, and Hubs’ film community that donated.  Below are some before and after pics of Hubs’ hair, and even a fun little video of the actual haircut!
*St. Baldrick’s was something Hubs and I did for fun. I’m not associated with the charity, nor was this post promotional. All in good fun!*


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    I’ve actually seen this charity featured on the news before. I know it was probably hard to let go of so much money but it’s so awesome that you guys were able to donate such a big amount :)

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