WW: 2014 WDW Magic Kingdom Pics

Hubs and I took a VERY leisurely, slow day around the Magic Kingdom after our Princess Half Marathon, and I absolutely SCHOOLED him in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  My secret? Hubs checked the foursquare tips for the biggest targets in the game (giving you the most points) and I seriously hit a few of them.  Ace in the hole!
 The rest of the day was spent exploring New Fantasyland and our favorite rides, snacks and parades!
WDW Magic Kingdom - Redhead Baby MamaWDW Magic Kingdom - Redhead Baby Mama

WDW Magic Kingdom - Redhead Baby Mama WDW Magic Kingdom - Redhead Baby Mama

WDW Magic Kingdom - Redhead Baby Mama

 There’s nothing better than a fireworks display while your exclusive Glow with the Show ears dazzle in time with the show. We felt like celebrities! … and I already can’t wait to go back!
WDW Magic Kingdom - Redhead Baby Mama


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    I love Disney! I have been dying to take my daughter back since her first visit two years ago. I think this year we may try Disney World & Animal Kingdom. There is always so much to do there and I feel like every time we go, I see something new.

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    so your hall of pres pic reminded me I wore capri overalls (don’t judge) at MK one time. and a cast member SCREAMED across that whole area “Ma’am! SOMEONE DONE CUT OFF YER COVERALLS!!”
    I about died. but now it’s funny. and no, I don’t have capri overalls anymore. still funny to think about!

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    I just love Disney. We went 2 years ago and swore it was going to be our only trip there ever. Needless to say, we caught the Disney bug while we were there and are now planning another trip this October. That place is addictive!

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    After looking at your pictures I’m so SAD! :( When I visited Disney last year I really wanted a mickey ice cream sandwich because I love them. I JUST realized that I never got one! :/ Maybe this year I’ll remember. Glad you had so much fun! :)

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