MMM: Family Wedding!

Hubs’ brother got married this past weekend, which left us with a rehearsal dinner, a large wedding, attendant duties (Hubs only…) and lots of other festivities like an aquarium trip to attend. By the time Sunday night came, we were beyond spent and needed lots of sleep! (I’m pretty sure I never recovered from Spamalot tech week…). Despite all the things to do, I felt really good having this cute little guy as my date to the wedding, and we were matching in navy blue!  
 Isn’t he the best? You may have caught this one on my Instagram feed.  
 Preston and his bride Lizzy tied the knot with all of Hubs’ siblings, father, niece, nephew and Dad in the wedding party, which left me and Red to be guests. That meant a lot less work for us, but I know Red missed being a part of the festivities because he kept calling out for “Daddy!” and  “Pop!” throughout the ceremony.  
Red was much happier to see his Daddy when it was all over. I got him to stay quiet with some animal crackers (Thank you GrandMartha!!) and a giant fan right behind us in the 95 degree heat.  (How all the guys didn’t sweat to death in the suits is beyond me; but they all did look very sharp!).
Our Granddaddy and GrandMartha were seated at the table with us, and we were so happy! I even caught Granddaddy watching some Planes with Red over dinner and the reception…
 I made sure to ask a wedding guest to snap a quick picture of us at the reception. It was an evening wedding, and with the entire family at the wedding, we needed to be a big picture at the end of the ceremony, but I’m really sorry I didn’t have a babysitter come to pick Red up around 8:30 or 9.  Staying up until the 11am departure was killer on him and my nerves.  Have you ever kept your kids up late for a special occasion? Did it turn them into little monsters? 


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    These are great tips to make life easier, I do try to clean as I go but sometimes its hard to resist the temptation to put things off ’till later. Using would have been a big help when my kids were babies. My kids are only 15 months apart so I had a baby and a toddler at the same time. Online diapers delivered to my door would have been a dream,

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    This is some very good advice! When I first had my son everyone said when he sleeps you sleep! Really?? Cause then laundry would never be done and dishes would still be sitting in the sink lol Now that my son is almost 4 I really miss all I could get done during those nap times lol

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    Nap time is precious time! Sometimes I can’t figure out where the day went but those minutes are like gold no matter what I use them for. These are great tips for getting more life out of your day!

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