Why I Sent Myself Flowers…

Being a costume designer is super fun.  I get to pull designs from my brain, create them, make a giant mess, and see designs from my head make it onstage to become part of a large professional production.   It’s the stuff of dreams and more than I could have asked for.  But, being part of a dying theatre genre isn’t all fun and games.  It’s severely underpaid the hours are long and arduous.  Grad school would leave you to believe that as a designer, that’s all you do; design.  You don’t have to manage the wardrobe, build anything, strike anything… just design.  And that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  For six weeks, I’m designing, sourcing, pulling, renting, meeting, tweaking, freaking out and trying to meet co-director’s demands on a dime budget, all while delivering a 50K dollar look.  
During tech week, when I all but disappear from the blogosphere, I’m pulling 18 hour work days, and sleeping 5 hours or less a night.  When Spamalot was in #dresstech, Red saw me one morning and declared with open arms, “Mama! You’re BACK!” which was both the sweetest and more horrible thing I had ever heard.  And the tech weeks keep getting worse and worse.  That week, I cried twice, bled before 9am and didn’t get a chance to eat for 2 days.  Except breakfast. That is not an exaggeration. 
When opening night came, I freaking sent myself flowers.  Because I survived and I deserved it.  Now, we all know sending flowers can get expensive.  You start out with a $29.99 special, and by the time you’re done with the vase, S&H, delivery charge and the-delivery-guy-stepped-on-a-frog tax, you’re spending $65.  Not so good with the initial price tag. 
That’s when I found The Bouqs.  Large bouquets of flowers grown on the side of a volcano in South America with free delivery.  It’s kinda like carmax. The price you see is the price you pay. End of story.  Sounds like it’s fake, doesn’t it?! But these flowers were pristine, wrapped in recycled paper and nestled in a super cute box.  You get absolutely no pictures of the flowers wrapped up, because I was a tear-stained hot mess when I opened them at 2am (again, not an exaggeration).  In fact, these pictures were from the third day I had them….. 
They lasted about two weeks before they passed from this world to the next, and I was very happy to have them.  And they didn’t come with any of that filler greenery that dies in two days. Just the flowers and their brilliant leaves.  I chose lilies because they are my favorite, but there are lots of different styles to choose from. And what they picture is actually what you get. No surprises, no dead flowers, just awesomeness. I’m really impressed.  
My set costs $40, and was the smallest of the 3 available sizes (prices set there, too).  Don’t have time to wait for your flowers to come from a volcano? (Earliest delivery is about a week) No worries. You can have them from California for only $10 more the next frickin’ day.  For reals. And if you are sleep deprived because your director asked for two more full-sized showgirl headdresses in 12 hours, they leave you nice little directions on the box about how to care for your flowers.  And that little flower-food pack :)
End verdict? I’ve gotta cut back on shows.  I mean, these flowers are really nice.  I would buy them again. And if I would get them for myself, you know I’d get them for someone else :) Or Hubs could read this and buy me some more… you know… for fun… :) 
Disclaimer: I recieved credit to choose a small bouw of my choice from https://www.thebouqs.com/.  All thoughts, and honest reviews are my own.  


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    Great tips! Being organized is key. Luckily this weekend I can “recharge” since I’ll have grandparents in town to watch my little one. I can finally get back on track!

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    I wish they had something like diapers.com back when my siblings were younger. You don’t know how aggravating it was walking a half a mile every time one of them needed something diaper related, just for it to be out of stock.

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    Online shopping is the way to go now and why not diapers! It would be great not having to worry about running all the time and picking them up and hauling them home.

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    Sounds like you MORE than deserved a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! I would totally send flowers to myself too! haha!! I hate the hidden fees at some of these online florists and gift shops. Nine times out of ten, the shipping is what gets ya!

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    I have used this site before and I love it. I do clean the bigger messes or the dirty, sticky, or food related messes as they happen but as a crafter I tend to have craft related messes laying around :)

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    I can’t remember the last time I received flowers. I can’t remember the last time I gave flowers as a gift. It’s because they are so expensive. You just gave me hope, because gifting flowers is such a special thing, like to other. I will put Bouqs on the top of my list the next time I need to buy a gift (or maybe I’ll follow your lead and get some for myself.).

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    Sorry it was such a stressful week for you but yay for you giving yourself flowers. Wow, those are amazingly beautiful and I can’t believe they weren’t gouge-your-pocketbook expensive!

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    You have no idea how happy I am to hear about this company! We recently sent flowers to a close friend for her birthday and we were appalled at the price jump once all of the fees were added! I’ll be using this company next time!!
    Hope you’ve had a chance to relax after the insane schedule you’ve had! Glad you were able to enjoy the flowers you sent yourself. :)

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