WW: Passed Out Mid-play

Tuesday, while I was out working on a film project, Hubs was at home with Red and a fabulous Mother’s Helper.  Hubs came down from work to start dinner, and Red fell asleep instantly on the floor. He was so tired that he nearly fell onto the floor to sleep.  Has your kid ever passed out mid-play? (Photo credit on these totally goes to Hubs!!)


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    That looks so good! I like the kid’s menu, my daughter is pig obsessed she would want to take it home and hang it on her wall. :) I like that they have mac and cheese because that is all the youngest eats. We are planning a visit to Atlanta this month we will have to check it out! :)

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    This sounds awesome! It’s really awesome when a restaurant is family-friendly and has a great kid’s menu, coloring pages, and things like high chairs, boosters and changing tables in the bathroom. It makes you want to go back because you know they can accomodate you!

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